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2 Apr

Brits losing valuables on the slopes


Brits losing valuables on the slopes

Brits losing valuables on the slopes

The average winter holidaymaker is losing as much as £219 worth of valuables every year during skiing trips, with all manner of personal items left behind on slopes and in apres ski bars.

According to new research by the Post Office, some 143,000 UK skiers lost something on the slopes last winter. This is a strong advert for the importance of adequate travel insurance cover if ever there was one, especially as some of the items being left behind are pretty major from a financial standpoint.

Among the most regularly lost items are glasses (32 per cent of skiers), phones (25 per cent), money (15 per cent), tablets (seven per cent) and watches (six per cent).

Remember, if you are taking expensive mobile phones or tablets with you on holiday, you’ll need to make sure that your travel insurance policy contains enough valuable items cover, otherwise you may find yourself disappointed if the worst happens.

It’s not just the obvious things being left behind though. In fact, 12 per cent of skiers have actually managed to lose their socks, while ten per cent have made it back to their chalets only to find they have misplaced their keys.

Ski jackets (seven per cent) and boots (seven per cent) also seem easily misplaced, which is all the more alarming when you factor in that 43 per cent of these valuables are lost while holidaymakers are skiing on the runs themselves, compared to just 18 per cent during apres ski.

The last thing you want to do when at the top of the mountain is to misplace your socks, boots or jacket. Otherwise frostbite may be imminent by the time you make it back to your resort. It’s a good idea to keep keys and money in a security travel wallet under your clothing, while it’s easy to carry a spare pair of socks in our jacket pocket. Just make sure that it has zip up pockets!