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11 Apr

Best Of Britain – Take A Castle Tour Of Britain

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Best Of Britain – Visit Some Of Britain’s Best Loved Castles

Take in the best of British castles with our tour that starts in Bristol and leads you all the way up to the world famous Edinburgh Castle

Thornbury Castle

In Gloucestershire ( this was once a stop off for Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, it’s marvellous structure makes for the perfect starting point on our journey across the heart of Britain. If you can manage to tear yourself away from the castle itself, the city of Bath is close by, so why not visit the Roman Bath Houses and transport yourself back 2,000 years to the days of the Roman Empire.

Sudeley Castle

On from Thornbury Castle to our next destination, Sudeley Castle. The highly manicured gardens and perfectly preserved buildings give visitors the perfect opportunity to take in 1,000 years of English history. Listed on TripAdvisor as one of its ‘Things to do in the Cotswold’, Sudeley Castle will delight all visitors who make the effort to explore its magnificent grounds.

Warwick Castle

Next up is Warwick Castle. This medieval castle was originally built by William the Conqueror back in 1068 and is perfectly situated on the curving banks of the River Avon. Steeped in history, Warwick Castle gives visitors plenty to see and do, so make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to make the most of your visit.

Bolsover Castle

Once the party palace of Sir William Cavendish, Bolsover Castle is the next stop on our tour. Beautiful views await and there are also plenty of other activities held here throughout the year, including horse displays at the Riding House. The tour of Bolsover Castle can be quite a workout, but luckily there are some amazing refreshments to be had in their brilliant café. Alternatively, picnics are allowed on the grounds, giving you the perfect opportunity to regain your strength for the next leg of our tour.

Clifford’s Tower

While it may no longer be the castle that it once was, Clifford’s Tower gives you the chance to see the last remaining part of what was a very impressive castle, York Castle. It once sat upon the banks of the River Foss but now only Clifford’s Tower remains where views of the historic city of York, make the visit well worth the effort.

Penrith Castle

Built originally in the 14th century by Ralph Neville in order to fend off the advancing Scots, Penrith Castle has a wealth of history built into its very existence. Later, the castle became the residence of the now infamous Richard, Duke of Gloucester, better known to us as Richard III. The castle walls still stand at their full height in the middle of the public park and it makes the perfect penultimate stop in our tour of British castles.

Edinburgh Castle

An iconic Scottish heritage attraction, Edinburgh Castle is the ideal place to end our tour. The site upon which the historic fortress sits has been occupied by humans since at least the iron age according to archaeologists. The history available to visitors is simply astonishing and the activities you can enjoy while you are there make it easy to see why it is Edinburgh’s most visited tourist attraction.

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