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7 Mar

Brenda and Teds cruise tips

cruisetravelOver 1.7 million Britons took a cruise in 2012 (according to the Passenger Shipping Association).  ‘Fly-cruises’ are the most popular (this is where you fly to a departure point e.g. Miami, or you fly home to the UK).  Whether you are a ‘cruise virgin’ or a seasoned cruise ‘addict’ this feature has been lovingly written for you.

FAST FACTS on cruising

  • One in every eight package holidays booked is now a cruise
  • More than four in every 10 cruises were bought for less than £1,000
  • Four out of every ten passengers took their first-ever cruise in 2012
  • Western Europe, Atlantic Islands, Norway and the Mediterranean were popular cruise destinations
  • An emerging trend for short cruises from UK ports meant that nearly half of all cruises booked were of no more than seven nights
  • Eight in ten passengers book cruises through travel agents

(source: the Passenger Shipping Association)

You’ll never forget the first time.

If you haven’t been on a cruise yet then we would like to put your mind at rest.  Here we dispel some common myths with some home truths.

Myth number 1: cruising is too expensive

  • Home Truth: Cruising is surprisingly affordable.  You do get what you pay for so, don’t get me wrong the equivalent of a 5* hotel in cruising terms will be much more expensive than a budget cruise.  And then within each cruise ship there are different levels of accommodation.  So, for example an outside, deluxe suite will usually cost much more than an interior room.  It’s worth remembering that more than four in every 10 cruises were bought for less than £1,000

Myth number 2: Will it be too formal?

  • Home Truth: Cruising can be glamourous – a chance to get really dressed up for a ‘night out’ on-board ship.  BUT in general the atmosphere on board ships is relaxed and informal.  The perception (or mis-conception) that you will have to spend a fortune on Black Tie and cocktail dresses is simply unfounded.  If you are worried then check before you book.  Flip flops and T shirts will probably not be allowed for dinner, but then they would not be acceptable for most hotels too.  Black tie will usually be optional so a cruise can be a great chance to enjoy a bit of glamour and a bit of informality all mixed in one package.

Have any useful cruise tips?  Drop us a line and we’ll feature them.  You could win a £25 M&S voucher if you are our star letter.

This feature will be continued in the next issue………so make sure you check back to read more.