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22 Feb

Brits Solve Blue Monday By Booking Summer Holidays!

Holiday snapsBanish Blue Monday By Booking A Break

Forget about all the negativity that comes along with phenomena such as Blue Monday by giving yourself something to look forward to.

Christmas is a distant memory but the bills are still coming in. The weather’s miserable and the worst may still be yet to come. Our jobs are just as boring as they ever were, and our bosses are seemingly suffering from this bout of melancholia as much as the rest of us. What are we talking about? Why, it’s Blue Monday, of course!

Typically, Blue Monday falls on the third Monday in January and all of the above reasons go into the equation that first hit the headlines back in 2005. However, just because the media state that this is the most miserable day of the year doesn’t mean that you have to listen to them. Take a leaf out of other canny Brits books and beat the blues by booking a break.

It’s All About Anticipation

New research from Airbnb shows that even simply browsing through a holiday website can be enough to lighten the mood, so imagine what actually booking up a holiday will do! January is the most popular month of the year for so called ‘Desktop Holidays’ – the practice of daydreaming whilst visiting a travel website – but for those who want to raise their spirits to an altogether higher plane, actually booking up your summer break can have a huge effect on your wellbeing. Many take things a step further by putting everything in place for their break, even buying their single trip cover early.

Simply having something to look forward to is widely known to give our neurochemistry a jolt, mainly thanks to the anticipation that comes with it. Having the opportunity to think about a pleasant upcoming experience allows us to bring happiness into our lives way before the event actually happens – it’s like buying a better mood!

Looking Back Can Be Equally Effective

It’s not just forward thinking that can give our spirits a lift. Flicking through some of our old holiday photographs can also really brighten our day. In fact, in the survey conducted by the travel accommodation giant, 37 per cent of those who took part said that digging out holiday pictures during the winter months gave them an instant high. Some people even go as far as giving a bottle of sun cream a good sniffing in order to put their minds eye firmly in the right spot!

Shopping Plays A Part, Too

Retail therapy has often been reported to give many an upturn in mood, but combine the feeling that you get when out splashing the cash with buying stuff for a future event, such as a holiday, and you’re on the way to a state of bliss. Around a quarter of women are thought to buy swimwear during the winter months in anticipation of their summer break. Is it any wonder that you can’t find a decent coat when the weather turns bad with a statistic like that driving what retailers stock?

Better Than Sex?

Perhaps the most astonishing figure from the survey was the fact that 12 per cent of the participants stating that booking up their next holiday gave them a rush that no other natural high could possibly match. That’s right, one in eight Brits actually responded to the survey saying that they considered the process of booking a holiday to be better than having sex!