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29 Apr

Best airport restaurants get recognition

Best airport restaurants get recognition

Best airport restaurants get recognition

When it comes to serving up fine cuisine, your first thought may not be your local airport. The challenges and stresses associated with getting a flight often put something on a dampener on enjoying a first-class meal – even if you’re a frequent flier.

For this reason, boxed sandwiches from WH Smith or Pret A Manger often reign supreme. They can be seized at a moment’s notice and consumed pretty much anywhere.

Still, it’s sometimes nice to start your holiday with something a little more special, which is why the top airport restaurants have been getting some love lately.

Perhaps the biggest name on the list is the soon-to-open Perfectionist’s Cafe, which has the almighty name of Heston Blumenthal attached to it. Interestingly, it features the first airport kitchen to have an open flame. We wonder how Heston got that past security, given we can’t even smuggle a small tube of toothpaste onto our flight.

Catalan capital Barcelona gets recognition, according to a feature by CNN. The city is served primarily by El Prat airport, which contains the much-loved Porta Gaig restaurant. Here, you’ll find slow-braised beef cheeks, poached eggs over potatos and other Catalan specialities. Not a bad way to start your holiday.

At Munich airport, you have the opportunity to get some sightseeing done even if you’re on a layover. Airbrau is the only airport restaurant with its own on-site brewery and the bar even offers special tours which is a nice touch.

It’s all thanks to advances in modern kitchen technology that food is now far better at airports than it was a decade previously, when the no-gas policy was a serious problem for chefs.

“Electric heat is far better than what it used to be 10 years ago,” says Sophie Mitchell, adding that it’s all down to thinking about different ways to add flavour.

While it’s nice to indulge yourself on a long-haul trip, don’t forget about the importance of travel insurance as well.