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18 Mar

BA to bring first class cabin to Dreamliner


BA to bring first class cabin to Dreamliner

BA to bring first class cabin to Dreamliner

It was pretty high profile news when British Airways (BA) purchased new Boeing 787-900 Dreamliners for its fleet, but now passengers will be able to sit in the lap of luxury if they choose, as the operator will be installing its next generation first class cabin aboard the vessels.

Frank van der Post, British Airways’ managing director of brands and customer experience, commented that an investment of billions had gone into the aircraft, with a sleek, smart design chosen to put travellers at ease.

He added that the standards and requirements of first class passengers had been taken into account for the design of the Dreamliner and that the space around the seat and the comfort of the bed would be prime points for them to address.

We introduced an updated First cabin on the A380 when we launched that in September, which offers customers 30 per cent more personal space and 60 per cent more personal stowage and we’re getting great feedback,” he said.

“The new cabin on the 787-900 is a further development, which we think our customers will love. It will feel exceptionally elegant and beautifully British – exactly what our customers ask of us.”

Currently, BA offers three cabins on its 787-800 flights – Club Haul for business, World Traveller Plus for premium economy and World Traveller, which is for economy fliers.

The new variant – the 787-900 – will offer four with the introduction of the new First Class cabin.

BA consistently polls well among travellers for the quality of its premium services, with its Business Class receiving acclaim in a recent CNN poll.

However, no matter who you’re flying with, it’s always important to book adequate travel insurance in the event of anything unexpected happening during your flight.