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18 Feb

Avanti’s Top 10 Travel Insurance Tips

This is one of our longest posts to date, but we feel that the content is relevant to each and every one of our existing and future customers! If there is any more you would like to know, feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly, UK-based contact centre agents on 0800 888 6195.


1.  Pre-existing medical conditions

Avanti specialises in travel insurance for people aged over 50, especially those who have pre-existing medical conditions.  It is vital that all conditions are declared when you buy the policy, or if your health status changes in-between trips on an annual policy, as not disclosing them could invalidate your policy.  Claims will also not be paid if at the time you take out insurance you are awaiting a diagnosis, travelling against doctor’s orders or if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  However, Avanti recognises that many conditions are easily controlled and very common, so there are a large number that are covered for free such as high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, osteoporosis and many more!  Ask one of our contact centre agents for more information.

2.  Medical expenses cover and repatriation

Falling seriously ill abroad can be phenomenally expensive and distressing, so one of the top reasons to be insured whilst travelling has to be for the medical expenses cover.  Avanti advises you to apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if you are travelling to a European Union country so that you can benefit from the health agreements between EU nations.  For countries that are not part of the EEA or EU, Avanti provides £10million cover for costs arising in the event of illness or injury during the trip and where necessary the provision of emergency medical assistance.  This includes repatriation costs which the Foreign and Commonwealth Office estimates to be in the region of £45,000 in the US, and is not covered by the EHIC.

3.  Cancellation and Curtailment

If you need to cancel or cut short your holiday for any of the reasons listed in the policy wording booklet (page 24) and you have already paid for your travel, accommodation or excursions, you may be able to claim those costs back through your travel insurance.  How much depends on the level of cover you choose i.e. if you buy a Budget policy you can claim up to £1,000; on a Classic policy you can claim up to £6,000 and on a Deluxe policy you can claim up to £10,000.  It is advised that you buy travel insurance when you book your holiday in case you need to cancel it, but you are covered from the time you book your trip or pay your insurance premium (whichever is later).

4.  Missed flights

Ensuring the timely departure of your home address to get to the airport on time, including added time for possible traffic congestion, is often stressful in itself.  However, if the vehicle you are travelling in to get to the airport breaks down or is in an accident, you may be covered under the missed departure clause of your policy.  We understand that this is no consolation for missing a planned trip, but it does ease your mind in knowing that you may be able to claim up to £1000 back with an Avanti policy.

5.  Limits on claims

It is important to always check the limits on what you can claim for.  As with most insurers, Avanti has a £500 personal money limit including £250 for cash across all of its policies.

6.  Limits on trip duration

How many consecutive days you can travel for depends on the type of policy you have and your age when travelling.  one of Avanti’s Single Trip policies will cover you for a full 365 days up until you are 70 years old.  Between the ages of 71-75, Avanti will be able to cover you for up to 90 days on any single trip and if you are 76 and over you can still be covered for up to 31 days.

Annual Multi-trip policies cover you for shorter periods during each individual trip, but remember you are able to travel as many times as you like in the year that you are covered on the policy.  Up to the age of 70, you can choose between 31, 45 or 60 days away at a time.  Between 71 and 75 years old, the maximum trip duration is 31 days and decreases slightly to 24 days if you are 76 and over.  Most of our customers see this as fair and don’t tend to need any longer periods for their holidays.  However, if you do need a longer period to travel we may be able to lengthen your cover by reviewing your circumstances and sending a request to our underwriters.

7.  Geographical limits

When purchasing a travel policy through Avanti, it is not necessary to let us know each and every country you will be visiting during your holiday.  But it is important to keep in mind that there are different premiums to pay according to the region you are travelling to.  This is due to the fact that different countries have different pricing for medical expenses.  If you are travelling to Spain, the Canaries, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta or Switzerland then a different cover is required to that of the rest of Europe.  Likewise, if you are travelling to the United States, Canada or the Caribbean you will need to purchase our “Worldwide including USA, Canada and the Caribbean” policy.

8.  Action-packed holidays

If you are planning a few excursions and activities, always make sure your travel insurance covers you for any accident or injury due to partaking in them.  You will be amazed at the list of hazardous activities that Avanti covers!  Some of the extra-ordinary activities such as gorge jumping and shark diving do incur a premium, however there are hundreds of others that are covered for free!   Winter sports cover is also free for 17 days on Annual Multi-trip policies if you are aged under 70.

9.  Reporting a theft

Most complaints about any travel insurance products are received when a claim has to be made.  Avanti actively encourages customers to remember that if something has been lost or stolen, it should be reported to the police of the country you are visiting within 24 hours.  No insurance company will pay out for stolen goods if there is no police report.

 10.  Alcohol and drug policies

If you are involved in an accident and you are under the influence of alcohol, solvents or non-prescription drugs your policy is invalidated.

If you are still unsure of what you are not covered for, either check the policy wording booklet or call our friendly, UK-based staff to run through your concerns on 0800 888 6195.