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8 Apr

Avanti Staff Destinations: Sri Lanka

Anne Sri Lanka

Riding an Indian elephant on one of Sri Lanka’s beautiful beaches

Avanti has published a weekly blog article about a destination chosen by one of our staff members.  We asked them a series of questions about their favourite place to travel to along with any tips they might have to make the most of it if you travelled there too.  We hope that you find them informative and interesting!

Anne Grenier, Contact Centre Agent

The destination I am recommending to our customers is Sri Lanka.  I travelled there about 10 years ago with my friend to visit my mother and grandparents.

We bought a package holiday, so we were able to stay in various hotels and see many of the top tourist attractions.  There is so much to do there!  From socialising with the friendly locals at festivals, tasting its world-famous, spicy cuisine and exotic fruits and hiking up misty mountains, to taking part in adventure water sports – Sri Lanka has it all!

The things I enjoyed the most? Where do I start!? Our guide was excellent, really friendly and knowledgeable.  I would recommend any traveller to any destination to hire a local guide because you get to see things that the tour operators don’t know about!  The food was exactly how I remembered my grandmother cooking it when I was a child, so beautiful memories were unknowingly brought back.  The tours were also great, although I did not like some of the Health and Safety issues.  The thing that I enjoyed the most though was being able to travel to where my mother and grandparents lived, where I met some family members and saw the botanical gardens that my grandfather owned.

Getting comfortable for the ride!

Getting comfortable for the ride!

I would recommend taking in as much of the cultural heritage and natural beauty of the island as possible.  The Sri Lankan Elephant and the endangered Sri Lankan Leopard and Sloth Bears can be seen in one of the 24 wildlife reserves.  Also, the six recognised archaeological World Heritage Sites are not to be missed.  These include the Sacred Cities of Anuradhapura and Kandy which are both incredibly beautiful.  Whatever you do, watch out for the monkeys – they bite!

I would definitely go again and highly recommend it!