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18 Dec

Amazing Amazon River Cruises

Amazon River at SunsetBrazilian River Cruises Are The Perfect Way To Explore The Mighty Amazon

An Amazonian trip is a true once in a lifetime experience. Make sure you do it right by choosing one of these top trips.

Brazil is one of the world’s hottest countries right now, and we’re not just talking about the temperature. Brazil has always been a popular destination, but the 2014 World Cup followed by the 2016 Olympic Games has drawn much new interest from all over the world.

So what does Brazil have to offer for those looking for an adventure in Amazon? Read on to find out about some of the most popular water-based holidays.

Top Tips for Travelling

Before you set off, it’s crucial to get your ducks in order so you can have a safe trip take out worldwide travel insurance.

You should also take the time to check the government website, which can give up to date information on any areas you intend to visit.

The Amazon can be an unforgettable place. But make sure it’s unforgettable for the right reasons. Always choose a reputable travel company and don’t try and cut costs by cutting corners. Book excursions in advance and be wary of locals offering ‘specialised tours’. Although many will be completely safe, you can never be sure exactly what you are buying into.

For the sake of a few pounds, it’s not worth risking your possessions, or something even more valuable. Book with companies that have English speaking tour guides – many Brazilians do not speak any English.

Tucano Trip

Once you’ve got the serious stuff out of the way, you can start to think about your holiday. Take a trip along the River Negro for a spectacular five day trip. You’ll set sail along the river on Tucano, a traditional boat with only nine cabins, so you can be sure of a really special, almost private experience.

This is the ideal trip if you’re interested in Brazilian wildlife. The Tucano, which is much smaller than traditional cruise ships, is small enough to visit tiny streams – and with the added advantage of kayaks on hand, you won’t get any closer to the beautiful shrubbery along the coast.

All Aboard The Jacaré-Açu

If you fancy spending a night under the Brazilian night sky, in a cool hammock before searching for dolphins or climbing the huge rainforest trees, you’d love a trip on Jacaré-Açu. The gorgeous, charming Jacaré-Açu, which translates to ‘big caiman’ in Portuguese, holds eight air conditioned cabins and boasts plenty of mod cons and socialising areas, so you’ll feel right at home.

With this cruise, which has special access to limited areas of the Brazilian Amazon, you can also try your hand at piranha fishing. Imagine recounting your stories to friends and family when you return!

Schooner Adventure

How does taking a cruise on a majestic schooner boat, which has been recently refurbished, sound?

On this memorable cruise, aboard the M/V Desafio, which starts and ends in Manaus, you’ll have the chance to head up the Amazonian river on water and on foot. Encounter the splendour of the Anavilhanas Islands and awe-inspiring River Negro. Your tour guide is trilingual and is full of stories from his experiences in the Amazon.

A holiday in the Amazon is on many people’s bucket lists. Make sure you choose the right one by conducting lots of research and reading plenty of customer reviews. Play it safe by taking out insurance and look forward to laying back, enjoying the weather and seeing some spectacular sights.