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28 Sep

Airbnb Partners with Rio 2016 Games

Airbnb to be the official ‘alternative’ accommodation providers of the 2016 Olympic Games

There will be plenty of room at the inn in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, with Airbnb providing a new way for visitors to find a place to stay.

Airbnb, an online home-sharing platform, has announced a partnership with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, in a joint effort to ease the city’s hotel bed deficit. The agreement, which confirms Airbnb as the official ‘alternative accommodation’ provider of the Games, will see a link to the hospitality start-up’s home-page on the Olympic Games’ online ticketing platform, so that customers can book their lodgings and tickets in one sitting. Rio is one of Airbnb’s most popular destinations, and considering the city’s lack of hotel infrastructure, this announcement provides a solution to benefit both parties, as well as the many, many visitors set to travel to the Games.

Rio’s Hotel Bed Shortage

Hosting the Olympic Games can be a huge boost for a country’s economy. The games draw in hundreds of thousands of visitors, each contributing to the economy throughout their stay. Housing them should then be one of the first thing a country considers when bidding for the right to host the Olympics.

This was a concern for Brazil when it won its 2009 bid to host the Games in Rio. Back then, the city had only half of the 40,000 beds it would need to supply to the Olympic guests alone – Olympians, their families and the media. Although new infrastructure projects mean it has since met this target, it has, until now, still lacked accommodation space for the many more visitors who come to watch the games, the same people who contribute most to a host city’s economy. With the announcement that Airbnb will be an official partner of the 2016 Olympic Games, this problem may have been solved.

What Is Airbnb?

But what is Airbnb and how can it help to relieve Rio’s demand for accommodation? Airbnb is a location based house-sharing platform through which people looking for a place to stay can find others offering a room to rent.

Users search their location, enter their preferences and can sift through many different kinds of accommodation to choose a place that is perfect for their needs. Those looking for a place to stay the night can find lodgings ranging from simple sofas to luxury apartments, often cheaply in expensive and overcrowded locations, while those letting out a room can earn some extra cash.

This Internet start-up has already become a multi-million pound company and home-sharing is having a huge impact on the market, particularly in cities like Rio in which the hospitality industry is relatively small. House-sharing also offers visitors the rare opportunity to get a real feel for city life, living with local residents, and often a real taste of local cuisine – many hosts choose to cook for their residents and sometimes even act as unofficial tour guides throughout!

Airbnb Could Be The Answer

Airbnb offers around 20,000 accommodation options in this huge city, and with the added encouragement of an official partnership, many more Rio residents could begin to use the service to let out their free spaces.

This could be a huge boost to Rio and a solution to the logistical problems it has faced. With the added bonus of official backing, many visitors and tourists may begin to see house sharing as a more affordable, often more comfortable and certainly more memorable way to lodge in the city. Whether visitors choose to use Airbnb or whether they look elsewhere, single trip travel insurance is still a must-have to ensure an enjoyable and relaxing trip. Be prepared and enjoy the magnificent spectacle that will surely be the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.