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Avanti Travel Insurance blog

31 May

Aged 80 or over? We’d love to insure you for travel


At Avanti Travel Insurance we listen to our customers.  We appreciate that more mature customers may be active travellers. We believe that whilst there is no age limit on people travelling, there should be no age limit on people being insured! Therefore we are delighted to say that our policies are for people of all ages.

Yes – we will insure you if you are age 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or more

Both Single trip and Annual multi-trip polices are available for all destinations world-wide.

Our customers choose us because they trust us to provide reassurance and peace of mind.  Our customers appreciate our kind and patient staff.  All staff at our UK call centre are trained to treat our customers in a sensitive way.  After all, when you are discussing personal medical matters you want to speak with someone who will treat you with respect!

We will also happily deal with a nominated person for you, for example if one of your children calls us then we can speak to them about your policy or, alternatively you could ask them to deal with the computer and internet side of things for you.

Getting travel insurance aged 80+ is a simple process.  We just need to ask you some medical questions so that we can give you a quotation.  If you are happy to go ahead we can take credit or debit card payment securely over the phone.

We listen carefully to our customers because we value their business. Our customers tell us that they choose us because we are the experts.  Our customers recognise the value for money that Avanti Travel Insurance gives them.

Ultimately our customers want peace of mind, and that is what we give, time after time, to thousands of customers every day.