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24 Nov

Advice for Travelling With Lung Cancer

Man watching the sun setLung Cancer and Holidays: What You Need To Know

To mark Lung Cancer Awareness Month, we answer a common question – can you go on holiday if you have lung cancer?

The want and need to go on holiday is just as prevalent in those with lung cancer, as those without. Like anyone else, you should be able to enjoy a break away with friends and family, just make sure you take into consideration these points before you book anything.

Speak To Your Doctor

Your doctor will be your first port of call and will be able to advise if you are well enough to travel. Even if you yourself feel strong, you should follow the advice of your doctor when it comes to making holiday arrangements.

You may have to make some alterations to your plans. For example, instead of going abroad, you may have to switch to a stay-cation instead and spend some time in the UK. Your doctor is also likely to recommend what types of activities you should and should not take part in. .

Get The Right Insurance

Once you have the green light from the doctor, you can start the exciting task of searching for that perfect break. One thing you must remember to sort out is your holiday insurance.

Choose a reputable broker, like Avanti Travelcare, who understand that not all cancer sufferers are aged over fifty. They can in most cases provide a tailored insurance quote, allowing you to rest easy and enjoy your holiday, knowing that Avanti cover you for up to ten million pounds for medical and emergency care.

If you haven’t got one already, apply for a free of charge European Health Insurance Card. This allows you access to most EEA (European Economic Area) country’s state healthcare system for free or at a discounted price.

Check Hand Luggage Restrictions

If you’re travelling abroad, head over to the Government website for the latest rules on hand luggage restrictions. Currently, anyone is allowed to bring liquids onto a plane that are less than one hundred millilitres.

Essential medicines, including hypodermic syringes, tablets and capsules are also allowed on-board. If you have liquid medicines which are over one hundred millilitres, you will need to have a signed doctor’s letter explaining what the medicine is and who it is for.

Ensure You Have Enough Medication

Whilst we’re on the subject of medication, make sure you have enough and some more, for your stay.

There have been cases where flights have been delayed, causing untold stress to those where their medicinal supplies have run low. In case you’re in the same situation, make sure you’re prepared with extra supplies of medicines and the paperwork to apply for more to be sent over, should you find yourself stranded in another country.

Think About Oxygen Supplies

Oxygen is supplied for free by the NHS, if you are travelling in the UK. Make sure you inform your normal oxygen supplier at least two weeks before you travel. For busier periods, such as Christmas and Easter, allow six weeks.

You’ll also need to inform your hosts that you will be using oxygen supplies. Make sure they understand the full implications of this and are happy for you to stay.

Your European oxygen supplies will be arranged through your European Health Insurance Card, so if you’re a user of oxygen therapy, applying for this card is a must. If you’re travelling outside of Europe, ask your normal UK supplier for a recommendation.

Think About Logistics

Although you may have grand plans for your trip, remember to be realistic as well. Don’t pre-book too many shows or excursions. You should see how you feel when you arrive. Take into consideration the warmer weather, as this can make you feel much more tired than normal.

If you are flying, you may want to consider later check-in times too. If travelling by train, think about how much help you might need getting on and off the carriages.

Pack light clothes that can be layered, but also scarves and gloves for if the weather turns chilly.

Planning a holiday, whilst taking into consideration lung cancer, doesn’t have to be stressful. Yes, there are some extra things you need to think about, but the main thing is to plan for a wonderful break, where you can get away from it all and spend some time with your nearest and dearest. Enjoy your trip!