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2 Feb

Bank Account Travel Insurance May Not Cover Over 65’s

Always Check Before You Travel

Bank account travel insurance may seem like an extra benefit, but it doesn’t always cover everyone.

You may think that the more you get with a bank account, the better value for money it is. While that’s true in a lot of circumstances, some of these ‘extras’ included in your monthly fee may actually be pretty useless. Take travel insurance for example. If your bank account comes with some travel cover, it’s all too easy to assume that you’re fully protected for your next trip abroad. Unfortunately, that may not be the case.

The Martin Lewis Money Show recently revealed that customers with bank accounts that included travel insurance found that their policies were not always suitable. One customer who drew the short straw was Ann. She wanted to use the travel insurance that she was paying bank charges for, but soon discovered that because she was in her seventies, it was invalid. It’s not just her either – plenty of over 65’s are being sold bank accounts with what appears to be a great travel insurance policy that in fact, doesn’t cover them.

Who Says You’re Too Old?

Many travel insurance companies place an upper age limit on their policies. When insurance is packaged into a bank account, the small print is almost always left unread by the account holder and the banks do not always inform their customers that some aspects of their account are not eligible due to age. Fortunately, not all travel insurance companies set an upper age limit – here at Avanti we are happy to cover travellers in their 80s, 90s and beyond – you are never too old to enjoy a holiday!

Check before you travel

Never assume that any cover that you get with your bank account will automatically protect you. If you are elderly or have any pre-existing health concerns, you may not be covered at all. Obviously this is an issue that you need to resolve with your bank but in the meantime – what about your holiday? What other travel insurance options are available?

We don’t believe in age exclusion

What’s important is that before you travel, you find the right insurance policy for you. Here at Avanti, we’re firm believers that everyone, not just a select few, should be able to travel with complete peace of mind. We’re proud to offer travel insurance that not only covers travellers over 65, but those who have an illness or long term condition too – with no upper age limit and a wide range of health issues considered. If you’re unsure about anything, you can call our dedicated contact centre to find out what policy would be the best for you.

Enjoy your trip!

Whether you’re heading off on a round the world cruise or are looking forward to a city break, it’s really important that you get some insurance for your trip. Rather than taking your bank’s word for it, always check that your policy actually covers you. If it doesn’t? Then consider taking out a travel insurance policy with us. So you can enjoy your holiday safe in the knowledge that if you needed it, your insurance would do exactly what it’s meant to do – protect you.