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22 Mar

A Russian Adventure

MoscowExperience Russia

Overview: Take a trip to the East and experience the land of the Tsars! We take a look at the best destinations in Russia.

The BBC’s most recent period drama was the lavish War and Peace, depicting the decadence of life in Tsarist Russia. If this has inspired a desire to see the country for yourself, then you’re not alone. Russia is growing in popularity amongst travellers keen to experience a slice of the history, architecture and scenery of the exotic East.


Moscow is Russia’s capital, boasting many of the country’s most renowned attractions. Most famous of all is the colourful Kremlin, which is surrounded by an awe-inspiring network of palaces and cathedrals.

It isn’t just architecture that Moscow boasts however – there are over 100 parks in the city, meaning that there’s plenty of places for an interesting stroll to walk off the cuisine. Make sure you try Bliny, a special type of Russian pancake which are served sweet, with jam or honey, or savoury with smoked salmon and caviar.

Moscow comes alive at night with a young crowd that flock to the city’s bars and nightclubs. From live music and swanky champagne bars to gay discos and jazz bars, there’s something here for everyone. And plenty of vodka to go around! Moscow is also home to the Bolshoi theatre, so for a more refined night out why not go to see the world famous Bolshoi Ballet perform Swan Lake?

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is perhaps most synonymous with its canals and waterways, which have led some to call this pretty city the Venice of the North. Situated on the Baltic Sea this city and founded by Peter the Great,  St Petersburg was an imperial city for two centuries.

Consequently, it’s packed with historic treasures waiting to be explored. The Hermitage Art Gallery, for instance, contains so many works of art that it has been calculated it would take 11 years for a visitor to explore all of its collections.

The Peter and Paul fortress complex dates back to 1703, boasting the ancient cathedral which holds the remains of all of Russia’s pre-revolutionary leaders.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal in Siberia is the deepest lake in the world. Known as the ‘Siberian Sea’, it’s surrounded by hiking routes and camp sites which allow the traveller to experience its unique scenery. The pretty shoreline village of Listvyanka is a popular base for those travelling in this area, catering well to the tourist; it’s possible to book tours and transport here in order to explore the lake and its surroundings. In the summer nature-watchers flock to the area, while in the winter ice-skating and dog sledding are popular on the frozen waters. But you better hope the ice doesn’t crack – this lake is reputed to contain a mythical monster, much like Loch Ness!


This unique city is situated close to the Chinese border. Founded in the nineteenth century, it is especially popular with foodies who enjoy the area’s cuisine – it’s famous for its seafood and Chinese-style dishes. Eagle’s Nest Hill is the most popular tourist attraction, offering stunning views across this unique city. Vladivostock is also the eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway – a train from Moscow will take six days, but the journey will be unforgettable!

Wherever you are headed, don’t forget your annual travel insurance before you go!