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Learn a Language for Travel
21 Mar

A Little Local Language Goes a Long Way

River Seine

During my interview to become a tour leader I was asked if I could speak a language.  I paused, unsure how to answer that one.  At the time the job did not require a language so I said no.  I had studied both French and German at school but not very successfully.  I spent most of my German lessons outside the classroom due to my inability to stop talking – in English.  During my French oral examination, I told the examiners that we had a swimming pool in our garden and we kept fish in it.  I meant a pond.  On a visit to Paris as a teenager I learnt that the French really don’t care what you say as long as you pronounce it properly.  I gave up trying to learn a language.

The Louvre

But things have changed a lot since then and there are different, more engaging techniques available to start learning a language.  I discovered this when I was working in a hotel with a lovely Italian family and only the daughter spoke English.  It was the spur I needed to start learning Italian so I could communicate properly with them.  I was not sure where to start but searches on the internet yielded information about television programmes books, DVDs and courses in Italy.  I learnt the basics listening to DVDs and repeating the words and doing exercises in the books I bought.  It passed the time while travelling.  Tentative attempts to practise what I was learning were met with enthusiasm.  My confidence grew.  Encouraged to learn more I booked a week-long Italian course in Verona.

River Adige, Verona Italy

My week in Verona coincided with the Verona Opera which was wonderful.  I saw three operas in the Arena and one ballet at the Greek Theatre.  I had decided to have classes in the mornings so the afternoons were free to explore and practice what I had learnt.  One evening I was sitting on the steps in the Arena waiting for the opera to begin and doing some homework.  An Italian lady sitting behind me leant forward and pointed out a mistake I had made.  That started a conversation relating to the reason I was learning Italian.  Italians are naturally curious, very friendly and happy to correct your mistakes but in a helpful manner.

Arena in Verona

These days anyone can pick up enough words to get by in most languages.  A little bit of effort before you go away will reap rewards as I found out when walking my friends’ dog in the Dolomites. We met a local walking with his dog and as both dogs were loose he called out was the dog male or female.  I was used to this question by then so I answered female.  A torrent of Italian followed this inquiry.  I had no idea what he had said and responded, in Italian “I am sorry but I am English and I don’t speak Italian.  The dog is Italian but she does not speak”.  He roared with laughter as he went on his way.  I was happy too, I had made my first joke in Italian.  Being able to communicate in another language is liberating and fun.

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