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9 apps to make travel much easier

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Travel can be a bit of a headache at times, but it doesn’t have to be.

These days there’s so much technology available to take the hassle out of travel for you.

Keep track of details, make bookings on the go – even learn a new language!

These are my must-have apps to make travel much easier…

XE Currency

A basic, but an absolute must, the XE Currency app lets you check the exchange rate for any currency.

Add your currencies before you leave, and you’ll be able to access them offline while you travel.

Android | Apple


Google Maps is normally everyone’s go-to for getting directions, but what about when you’re abroad and don’t want to pay hefty roaming charges? is a great alternative. You can download a map for the area you’re visiting and access all the information offline. You can even pull up directions without using your data.

Android | Apple


The Netflix app lets you download certain shows and movies to your device to watch offline.

It’s great for long journeys, or flights with no entertainment system.

If you want to spend a night in your hotel but the only English channel on the TV is BBC news, you’ll be pretty grateful for a movie or two!

Take advantage of the free trial if you’ve never used it before to cover your holiday.

Android | Apple

If you’re on the hunt for cheap accommodation, hotel booking apps like are perfect.

You can search for hotels quickly and easily – and you’ll often get an extra discount for booking through the app!

This is also a useful way to keep track of all your booking info, especially if you have a few different hotels booked for one trip.

Android | Apple

Google Translate

An absolute lifesaver on the road, Google Translate has been around for years – but it can still feel like magic.

You can take a photo of any text on the app, and it will read and translate it for you. Remember to download the offline language pack for the country you’re visiting before you leave, and you can use it anytime with no roaming charges!

Android | Apple


If you want to be able to converse with locals when you travel, a few weeks spent practicing with language app Duolingo could be well worth it.

It’s a simple, fun app that makes language learning feel like a game. You can master the basics pretty quickly so it’s ideal for getting in some practice before a trip.

Android | Apple

Lonely Planet Guides

Remember the days of lugging around a huge, dog-eared guidebook that seemed to weigh more than the rest of your luggage combined?

Thankfully, they are long gone! Now, you can simply download a Lonely Planet guide as an eBook direct to your phone for easy access on the go.

Android | Apple


If you’re travelling as part of a group or with friends, Splitwise is a brilliant way to keep track of who owes what.

When you pay for something, add it to the Splitwise bill – and at the end of the trip everyone can see how much they owe. Definitely a great way to avoid arguments!

Android | Apple


TripIt is a travel itinerary app that allows you to see your whole trip in one place.

Forward all your booking emails to TripIt and the app will collate all the necessary info into one smart, easy-to-read itinerary. Plus, all the information is available offline, so you won’t need to use your data to access it.

Android | Apple



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