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Image of sunrise in Batur, Indonesia
28 Jun

7 Reasons to Visit Indonesia

Indonesia sometimes gets overlooked by people looking for trips in South East Asia. But it’s an amazing, diverse and beautiful country with plenty to entice a discerning traveller. Great food, lovely locals, nature of epic proportions and some insane adventures…there are just so many reasons to visit Indonesia. Here are seven of my favourites.

Incredible Wildlife Experiences
When it comes to epic wildlife experiences, Indonesia has more than its fair share! Watch dolphins playing in the waves around Nusa Lembongan. Dive in the world’s most bio diverse waters at Raja Ampat. Head to Komodo Island to get up close to the biggest lizards in the world, the seriously creepy Komodo Dragons. Meet the orangutans in Indonesian Borneo. Or snorkel with huge, graceful manta rays off the coast of Flores. Whatever you do, it’s sure to be incredible!

Fascinating Culture
With such a diverse population, combining multiple regions and ethnicities, it’s no wonder that Indonesia has such a rich and intriguing culture. From the temples of Java, like gorgeous Borobadur and ancient Prambanan, to the almost-daily religious festivals in Ubud, Bali – there’s just so much to explore and discover.

A Sea of Paradise Islands
Secluded Raja Ampat has long been known as a diver’s paradise, but it has more to offer than pristine waters teaming with wildlife (as if you need more of a reason than that to visit). This tropical heaven-on-earth boasts bright blue waters dotted with tiny, jungle-clad islands – many of them completely untouched. Climb up to the viewpoint on Pianemo and you’ll see what I mean!

Nature That Has to be Seen to be Believed
Active volcanoes, enormous craters, beaches straight out of a catalogue, and…lava that glows blue? Indonesia has no shortage of incredible natural sights to see. Forests and mountains, lakes and waterfalls, caves and coral reefs…across over 17,000 islands there’s just no way to list it all. Get out, explore and discover something amazing! If it’s wow-moments you’re after, Indonesia won’t disappoint.

Extreme Luxury
No one does luxury quite like Indonesia. Hospitality is a crucial part of the culture, so you’ll always find a warm welcome and impeccable customer service. From water bungalows over Raja Ampat’s crazy-clear sea water, to infinity pools overlooking Bali’s jungles, there are some really special experiences to be found in Indonesia.

Watch Sunrise from an Active Volcano
Fancy a challenge in return for what may be the best sunrise you will ever watch? Give the  Mount Batur sunrise hike a go. An active volcano on Bali, this is a tough hike – but it’s so worth it. Trek uphill for about two hours to reach a height of 1,717m and you’ll be rewarded with one spectacular sunrise.

Balinese Massage
Is there anywhere better in the world for a massage than Asia? Every country has its own style and Balinese massage is a favourite amongst travellers. It’s more relaxing than Thai or Shiatsu, but it’s also a deep tissue massage that’s great for achy muscles (perfect for after that volcano hike).

Don’t forget to organise your travel insurance before you set off exploring the wonderful delights of Indonesia.