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22 Jul

1m travelled to Brazil for World Cup

1m travelled to Brazil for World Cup

1m travelled to Brazil for World Cup

The greatest football tournament in the world is over for another year, and what an event it was. With favourites Brazil knocked out in a surprise 7-1 game against the eventual champions Germany, it was certainly an exciting World Cup.

However, the Germans weren’t the only winners. While Brazil may have lost out on the golden trophy, the nation’s tourist industry was pleased to announce that more than one million international visitors passed through its airports during the event.

People of more than 203 different nationalities were welcomed into the nation, and for more than half of them (61 per cent), it was their first time in Brazil. A survey sent out by the federal government indicated many had been satisfied with the infrastructure and services in place.

Minister of tourism Vinicius Lages was among those quick to praise the way that Brazil rose to the challenge of putting on a spectacular World Cup.

“Brazil showed to the world that we are ready to host an event of this magnitude. We now have the challenge of changing the interest in business shown by foreign visitors into benefits for the population, generating employment and income,” he commented.

Hospitality and cuisine were the aspects praised particularly highly by those visiting from other countries, scoring 98 per cent and 93 per cent respectively. The average stay in the country numbered 13 days.

The same survey indicated that a total of 3,056,397 Brazilians travelled around the country during the tournament in order to experience the football as much as possible.

Attendance was particularly high at the stadiums, with more than 3.4 million people attending at least one match – the second highest number during a World Cup.

Commentators have praised Brazilian infrastructure and tourist services during the tournament, especially considering the one million international visitors was considerably higher than the 600,000 who were expected to fly over.

The tourist industry no doubt hopes the news will have a positive influence, with more people wanting to visit this incredible nation.