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22 Aug

Would you gamble on your cruise holiday?

Roulette TableRecent research has unveiled attitudes of cruise holiday passengers towards gambling, suggesting that 80 per cent of all those stepping on board will have a flutter while away from port. It is information that is sure to interest those who have already booked their cruise holidays, suggesting that alongside booking appropriate cruise holiday travel insurance, they may also need to pack some extra spending money to flutter on the roulette and blackjack tables.

The study put questions to almost 2,800 UK adults aged 22 or over, all of whom had taken a cruise holiday within the last five years on a ship that had a casino or gambling machines. It found that 79 per cent had tried gambling at least once on their holiday, with the reasons behind their choice being because of the good facilities, as part of the social event or to keep family and friends occupied. Other reasons for gambling were that it was offered as an evening entertainment activity and out of curiosity for those who hadn’t tried it before.

Average amount gambled over £320,000

Despite 25 per cent saying that they regretted the experience entirely, the average winnings equated to around £58 per person. The study revealed that £58 was also the amount that passengers put aside to use for on-board gambling, suggesting that many are keen to keep their spending under control. It is estimated that as much as £321,200 is gambled on every cruise holiday and just £193,600 won by cruise passengers.

It shows that while a trip to the casinos remains high on the itinerary of cruise ship passengers, it is important to lay down a number of strict measures beforehand. In the unfortunate incident that you lose your funds while on your getaway, this can easily be recovered if you have comprehensive single trip holiday insurance cover, however gambling money is the responsibility of the gambler, so ensure that you take enough travel money with you to cover all your entertainment plans.

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