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9 Mar

Where Is The Pound Strongest This Year?

Pounds, Euros and DollarsLooking For Strength In Sterling? Here’s Where To Holiday This Year

Choosing to head where the pound is strongest is a wise move that more travellers should make. Here are the top five countries this year.

We all know that booking up a holiday can be an expensive affair these days, but there are ways in which you can bring down the cost of your trip abroad. Cheap flights and budget resorts may be what first springs to mind, but the canny traveller will always look towards where they can make their cash go furthest while they are away.

As you may have noticed, sterling hasn’t been doing too great against several of the worlds leading currencies, but that isn’t to say that we’ve all got to stay at home this year – far from it. There are still plenty of places across the world where the pound is faring relatively well.

In order to give you the low down on where to travel in 2016, we decided to take a look at a few countries where the pound is strengthening against the local currency.  Let’s take a look.

South Africa

According to research carried out by the Post Office, the pound has strengthened considerably against the South African rand. At the time of writing, sterling is currently 26 per cent stronger than it was a year ago, making a trip to the country a great bet for those looking to get away for a little less this year.


Mexico, too, has a great deal to attract British tourists in 2016, especially if you can negotiate to pay for your accommodation in pesos when you are there. The local currency is currently 18 per cent weaker than it was this time last year, so those looking for a relaxing holiday in the sun may want to consider this wonderful South American country this year.


Malaysia has some wonderfully exotic locations just waiting to wow those travelling from the UK, and the cost will be significantly cheaper than it was in 2015. Year-on-year, sterling is 9.1 per cent stronger than the ringgit, so you can make your spending money spread farther should you choose to travel to this part of South East Asia in 2016.


The only place in Europe to make the top five countries where the pound is outperforming the local currency is Norway. Unfortunately for the Norwegians, the krone has taken a bit of a battering of late, but that’s great news for us Brits who wish to travel to this beautiful Northern European country. The currency is down 6 per cent against the pound from last year, so you can expect your money to last a little longer if you travel there soon.

New Zealand

Last on our list is New Zealand. Like the krone, the New Zealand dollar has tumbled by 6 per cent against the pound when compared to 2015 rates. That being said, a trip to New Zealand is never going to be cheap, but you can take some solace in the fact that your spending money may stay in your pocket a little longer this year than it would have done 12 months ago.

So, there you have it, five countries where the pound is performing well this year. Wherever you decide to go, don’t forget your travel insurance. If you plan on visiting a few of these countries in 2016, then annual travel insurance may save you even more cash. Happy days!