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8 Jul

Walking tours catch on in Agra

The iconic city of the Taj Mahal in India boasts many fine and fascinating antiquities and attractions that offer a unique glance into the history of this part of the country. Now, a walking tour allows visitors to explore them on their own two feet – something experts say is part of a growing trend.

Agra Walks are a concept introduced to the metropolis by Suyash Gupta, who claims the innovative wanders through the intricate streets allow tourists to experience the city at ground level and see much more than they would from a bus.

There's a new way to see the city of Agra - on your own two feet

There’s a new way to see the city of Agra – on your own two feet

The walks are proving so popular that agents and hotels have noted people are staying longer in Agra so that they may experience more of what the fabulous city has to offer – all thanks to Mr Gupta’s walks.

Some have taken to including the walking tours in their brochures and tourist information packages, while others have urged Mr Gupta to appear at travel shows to dispel the illusion that Agra is just about the Taj Mahal.

But industry experts have pointed to an upcoming trend in walking tours in general as a possible reason for their popularity. Last month even saw the launch of a smartphone application that allows travellers to embark on self-guided tours in 16 Indian cities, developed by the Ministry of Tourism.

“We are extremely excited about this because it is the first time an app can enable users to discover India on their own. It’s free, easy to use and, most importantly, comes with 360 degree street views and information put together by a panel of experts,” commented tourism minister Sripad Naik.

“It’s like having a local take you by the hand and show you his city, at your convenience,” he added.

Next time you visit a new city, why not forgo the bus tour and seek out a walking tour instead, just to see what all the fuss is about?