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18 Jun

Visit Greece to promote green travel

Anyone travelling to Greece this year for their summer holiday can do so in good conscience following a move from the nation’s official tourism promoter that will encourage more sustainable travel.

Official tourism company of Greece advocates green beaches

Official tourism company of Greece advocates green beaches

Visit Greece, which works in conjunction with the government to advertise the country to tourists, has signed on as a sponsor for the Make Holidays Greener campaign, which is run by the Travel Foundation.

The initiative aims to raise awareness for the need of cleaner beaches across the world, something that will help to preserve marine life and make things more pleasant for coastal communities.

Salli Felton, acting chief executive of the Travel Foundation, commented: “We’re delighted that Visit Greece is onboard. Their support will help us to spread the word that cleaner, greener beaches aren’t just important for tourism.”

Christina Kalogera, director of the Greek National Tourism Office, was also pleased with the move, and drew attention to Greece’s excellent record for clean beaches.

“Every year hundreds of beaches and marinas in Greece are awarded with the ‘Blue Flag” for environmental awareness and protection,” she explained. “Greek shores also support a diverse range of wildlife, including rare bird species and two protected species, the monk seal and sea turtle.”

July will see travel companies around the world participate in the Make Holidays Greener campaign. Firms and tourists alike will be encouraged to organise beach cleanups and raise awareness about the issue.

Interested parties will find a range of helpful materials and guides on the Travel Foundation’s website.

If you are travelling to Greece for your holiday this year, be aware that some companies engage in environmentally-friendly practices more than others, and it is important to do a little research beforehand to find out which.

Be sure to book your transportation and accommodation with those who promote sustainable tourism.