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22 May

Virgin continues race for faster travel

Richard Branson has been talking to the press regarding his plans for after his space tourism project is off the ground, and they’re very exciting indeed for those sick of long-haul flights.

Branson's supersonic planes could soon be a reality

Branson’s supersonic planes could soon be a reality

The famed British entrepreneur wants passengers to be able to reach Tokyo from New York in less than an hour – a journey that currently takes around 12 hours. This will require the company to produce commercial planes capable of flying at 19,000 miles per hour.

“After we’ve done the space program, we will be producing supersonic planes, which will go far, far, faster than Concorde,” Branson confirmed, referring to the British supersonic effort that managed to halve the journey time between London and New York.

He claimed the technology to do so could be made available sooner than we think, with the Virgin Galactic programme coming to its final stages and 700 people already on the list to go into space – including Branson’s own family.

Supersonic commercial flights operating at 19,000 miles an hour would certainly beat Concorde’s top speed – a mere 1,354 miles per hour.

Branson was famously keen to keep the fleet of planes in operation following their retirement ten years ago due to a drop in demand and discontinuation in maintenance service, offering BA the sum of £5 million for each plane.

Now, it seems, the UK’s most well-known millionaire is looking to bring supersonic speeds back to our skies, but he’s got some serious competition as many other companies are looking into how to cut down our long-term flights.

One thing is certain – the future of air travel looks set to be extremely exciting indeed.