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13 Nov

6 things you need to consider about ski insurance

Six things that you need to check you are covered for when skiing this winterThe ski season is in full swing and thousands of people from the UK will now be considering booking up a ski trip this winter. 

While most people will be thinking about which resort to visit, accommodation and ski hire, we’d like to take the opportunity to remind winter sports fans that getting the right winter sports travel insurance cover is especially important to ensure you have a stress-free holiday.

A skiing holiday is widely regarded as being physically demanding and quite often people hurt themselves, so with this in mind an article on The Week has revealed six points you need to know or consider about ski insurance.

1. European Health Insurance Cards are not enough

A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is important to take with you on your vacation, but it is not the be all and end all as the EHIC only gives people access to state-provided medical services, which, considering the majority of clinics on the slopes are privately-owned, means if you get injured you will still receive a large bill for your medical expenses.

2. Specialist cover is needed

Often typical travel insurance policies do not cover high-risk sports such as skiing, snowboarding and sailing, so you must check your policy as some travel insurance companies do include it in their multi-trip and single trip travel insurance packs, while others don’t.

3. Check your policy for off-piste cover

The report in The Week refers to a study by that reveals 20% of winter sports insurance packs do not cover off-piste skiing. So if you know you will be skiing off-piste during your trip then make sure you read your existing policy to check that you will be covered if you are hurt or injured when skiing off-piste.

4. Drinking

It is nice to have a few glasses of wine at a ski slope bar or restaurant, but if you are considered drunk when an accident happens then your insurer is likely to refuse any medical expenses being paid for.

5. Is your equipment covered?

If you have your own equipment or are hiring ski equipment you need to check your travel insurance policy to see if it is covered. Sometimes your policy will outline specific requirements and will say that leaving your equipment in a hotel room will not be covered.

6. Wear safety equipment

Some travel insurers refuse to pay out for medical expenses if it is revealed that the skier or snowboarder is not wearing the correct safety equipment, such as a ski helmet.

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