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4 Jul

Survey shows Brits are worst at checking for holiday deals

New research has unveiled that Brits are among the worst in world when it comes to seeking out a cheap holiday, not even being mentioned in the top ten nations.

Brits are worst at checking holiday deals

Brits are worst at checking holiday deals

The developments came from a survey carried out by a leading travel expert, revealing that just two fifths of us look at seasonal deals in order to pay the least for our escape.

According to the news, just 43 per cent of Brits seek flight deals, compared to Spain, Norway and Ireland, which boasted percentages of 49, 53 and 65 respectively. It was a similar scenario when booking all inclusive hotels with meal plans, with Britain falling well behind other European nations with just 30 per cent checking to save some extra cash.

In fact, many Brits included in the survey were guilty of booking a hotel without complimentary Wi-Fi, meaning that an extra cost will incur for any who wish to use the internet while on holiday.

While the survey suggests that many of us aren’t fussed about saving a few pounds on our holidays, it is highly recommended for those booking their holidays to finalise their medical travel insurance cover well in advance in order to get the best benefits from your package.

Brits missing out on discounts

The survey also highlighted the many money-saving tricks which Brits do no use, such as discounts you may receive when booking through mobile – something which just six per cent of all Brits currently do. Another is subscribing to newsletters in order to get the best deals.

It expected that this attitude will change in the coming years, especially with so many options now available for Brits to be a lot thriftier during their holidays. As well as great holiday deals available, those who travel frequently can save money by booking multi trip travel insurance instead of getting single trip insurance each time – offering you all the protection you could need on your foreign escape.