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Want To Sleep Under The Stars? Head to Switzerland This Summer!
5 Aug

Want To Sleep Under The Stars? Head to Switzerland This Summer!

From The Bare Essentials to Luxury Glamping

Switzerland has plenty to offer keen campers – it just depends how up close and personal with nature you want to get!

A holiday is the perfect chance to reconnect with nature. Things like hiking through some national parks, swimming in the sea or even just looking up at the stars. With light pollution a big problem in our larger towns and cities, many of us long to be able to look up at the sky and see it in all its glory. Well, if you head to Switzerland this summer, that’s exactly what you can do!

An Unusual Hotel Concept

The bed aside, the hotel rooms that you’ve stayed in probably have a few other things in common. A toilet, a wardrobe, walls, perhaps a fully stocked minibar. At the Null Stern Hotel in Safiental though, there are none of those familiar comforts, just a bed, side tables and lamps. There are some other luxuries involved though – your very own butler will welcome you with a drink and a breakfast basket. After that, you’re on your own in the great outdoors!

With just two bedside lamps, there will be very little light pollution. As a result, you will be able to see many more stars than you usually would. So why not take a telescope with you? You’ll be able to look at constellations and planets in incredible detail – and with a camera attached you can capture some stunning images too. There’s no doubt that you’ll be truly at one with nature here, but it’s probably an option just for the very brave. Still, it would make for an incredible story to tell everyone on your return!

World-Renowned Campsites

If sleeping with nothing between you and the great outdoors is a step too far, don’t worry. Switzerland offers travellers plenty of other opportunities to sleep under the stars. There are a number of great campsites in the country for you to pitch a tent or park a caravan in. The Huttenburg, Jungfrau and St. Cassian campsites are firm favourites with tourists and locals alike, and are home to waterfalls, mountains and of course, clear, starry skies.

A Touch Of Luxury

If you prefer more of a five-star camping experience, head to the Whitepod camp site in the Alps. These luxury pods are fitted with full service bathrooms and wood burning stoves – perfect for those who want the best of both worlds when they camp. The location is incredible, with mountains as far as the eye can see. While travelling to the Alps in summer may mean you don’t get as much snow, it’s much cheaper and you can still spend your evenings under the stars.

Don’t forget Your Travel Cover!

Make sure that you complete your camping trip with some travel insurance. Our European insurance cover will protect you for the entirety of your trip, wherever you set up camp. Knowing that you’re covered against the cost of medical treatment and loss of property means that you can just concentrate on having a great time and making the most of the awe-inspiring natural landscapes in Switzerland.

A Trip To Switzerland Is A Must

There’s no doubt that the Null Stern hotel concept is an original one, and for the very brave it’d make for a fantastic experience. However, most of us prefer to have a roof over our heads. Luckily, Switzerland is home to some fantastic hotels as well as campsites, so you can choose exactly how close to nature you want to stay. Whether you’re camping, glamping or setting up base in a luxury hotel room, you’ll never be far away from some star-gazing opportunities.