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27 Jan

Saudi tourism industry expects growth


Saudi tourism industry expects growth

Saudi tourism industry expects growth

Tourists will soon be flocking to Saudi Arabia in their thousands to experience the country’s distinctive cultural and religious uniqueness.

At least, this is according to the government of the Kingdom, which is driving enormous investment including the development of 34,800 new hotel rooms to be completed over the next five years.

The Saudi Commission of Tourism and Antiquities is reportedly working constantly to come up with new tourism programmes and projects designed to attract visitors and support the anticipated influx.

In conjunction with the Elaf Group, the government department is primarily focused on the construction of new hotels, the operation and management of current venues and the offering of premium service to tourists.

The Kingdom is also anxious to provide jobs to Saudi nationals in the burgeoning tourism industry, as current figures indicate a strong preference among companies for foreign workers as they can legally pay them less money.

“Elaf Group is keen to make active contributions towards the development of the tourism industry as well as various travel and tourism initiatives undertaken in the Kingdom as planned by the SCTA,” commented Ziyad Bin Mahfouz, president, Elaf Group, when asked about progress.

“Aside from working towards the general development of tourism, the Elaf Group is also helping position Saudi Arabia as a priority destination for travellers eyeing tourism options in Arab countries.”

The ever-expanding tourism opportunities in Saudi Arabia will be fascinating to watch over the next few years, particularly as the Kingdom possesses such a unique culture central to the Islamic faith.

Thousands of Muslims already travel to the country every year in order to complete the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, the Holy City in Saudi Arabia.