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1 Jul

Opodo reveal most peculiar travel customer queries

A holiday company has unveiled some of the most peculiar aspects which we complain about during our getaways, some of which are far more bizarre than others.

Opodo reveal most peculiar travel customer queries

Opodo reveal most peculiar travel customer queries

It comes after, a leading travel company, published some of its customer complaints, with holidaymakers complaining about the types of things which are unlikely to be covered under your multi-trip travel insurance policies.

With the company receiving up to 500 customer calls each and every day, they have offered a list of their top 15 peculiar requests– which can be read through this informative Daily Mail article. One of these complaints is from a customer who went to book  a romantic getaway in Rome, something which became a serious issue when realising he has booked the trip in Rome, Georgia, rather than the Italian capital. When this mistake caused the couple to break up, the man called up the company demanding that they help him win back his girlfriend.

Moving a cat into first class?

The complaints also revealed the undeniable love of tourists for their animals, with one customer wanting to know if their cat could be upgraded from the cargo to first class because they could not bear the idea of being parted. Another was keen to find out if he needed a passport for his pet python, as he wanted to take his snake to the Amazon to reunite it with its family.

Some of them are peculiar to say the least, with one customer, while flying to Bucharest, asking if garlic, holy water or crosses would help repel any vampires they might encounter on their trip.

While these are issues which almost every over 50s travel insurance policy will not cover, those booking their holidays this summer are still recommended to take out cover to ensure complete peace of mind during their getaways.

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