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31 Jul

One in ten Brits have items stolen at the airport

According to a recent survey, at least one in ten Brits admit that they have been pickpocketed at an airport

According to a recent survey, at least one in ten Brits admit that they have been pickpocketed at an airport

A recent survey has highlighted the high chance of people having their possessions stolen during their holiday, with at least one in ten Brits admitting that they have been pickpocketed at an airport.

Of the 2,836 adults who were included in the survey, just over 11 per cent admitted that they had been a victim of theft whilst on their holidays; a staggering 88 per cent of those said that the theft took place outside of the UK. Although personal belongings cover is a main aspect of almost every single trip travel insurance document, having such belongings stolen can be an extremely frustrating experience.

When the 11 per cent of victims were asked about their difficult ordeal, 42 per cent said that it took place while they were distracted. Even more worrying was the amount of people who had items stolen after they had fallen asleep at boarding gates or departure lounges, with 36 per cent of people admitting to this. Finally, 12 per cent said that the theft happened while they were buying goods in the airport shops or using the toilet.

Theft a real problem in airports around the world

According to the survey, the most common destinations outside of the UK where you are likely to fall foul of airport theft are America, Egypt, France, Greece and Turkey. Further to this, among the most attractive items for thieves to steal are currency, mobile phones and passports, although expensive items such as jewellery and tablet computers are also thought to be desirable.

Of the remainder, 64 per cent said that they knew of a family member or friend who had had a personal item stolen while they were on holiday.

With many over 80s travel insurance policies covering aspects like lost or stolen possessions, the findings certainly show the importance of taking out such packages to ensure you will be financially covered should anything happen.


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