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7 Jul

Older travellers urged to hunt for travel insurance

Elderly travellers are often paying over the odds for their travel insurance; that’s the message that has come from a recent article in The Telegraph that highlights the unfair premiums which some older holidaymakers are paying for their appropriate cover.

Older travellers urged to hunt for travel insurance

Older travellers urged to hunt for travel insurance

The article, which can be viewed by clicking here, suggests that some older people are having to pay extortionate rates for their travel insurance cover. While single trip travel insurance is relatively inexpensive for younger holidaymakers, once you get past 50 the premiums can increase at an alarming rate; people looking for over 70s travel insurance packages will often have to pay twice as much compared to younger holidaymakers.

Shop around on the internet

The article suggests that one of the reasons why this problem is so apparent is the lack of competition in the market for older travellers and those with pre-existing medical conditions, along with the fact that many older travellers are less likely to shop around on the internet for the best price and insurance cover.

Whilst price comparison websites are considered one of the best places to find a great deal, this is not so with travel insurance for over 80s. An example search for an 84-year-old man returned quotes from only two companies, with policies reaching into the thousands.

It highlights the importance of taking out your travel insurance cover with a reputable provider and doing the research yourself instead of relying on the limited policies offered through price comparison websites. For a more accurate reflection of competition in the market it is certainly worth getting quotes from a range of providers.

Avanti specialises in offering bespoke travel insurance packages for over 50s at the best possible price, including free insurance for children and grandchildren when they travel with you, and because our policies are tailored to each individual we won’t be found on price comparison websites.

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