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30 Apr

Norwegian Epic visiting Southampton in 2015

Norwegian Epic visiting Southampton in 2015

Norwegian Epic visiting Southampton in 2015

One of the world’s largest cruise ships will be sailing to and from the UK next year, marking its first visit to UK waters since its inaugural celebration in 2010. Norwegian Epic will visit the cruise port next summer during its time based out of Barcelona.

Norwegian Epic will sail on two voyages around the Iberian Peninsula, one lasting six nights and the other seven. The first will depart from Barcelona on September 20th, visiting Cartagena, Granada and Lisbon before reaching its end destination of Southampton on September 25th.

The second cruise will leave Southampton on October 11th and see the ship returning to Barcelona, with calls along the way at Vigo in Spain, as well as Lisbon, Granada and Cartagena. The reason for the large gap between the two cruises is that the Norwegian Epic is scheduled to undergo renovation work in a dry-dock in France.

Over 15 nights, the ship will be given an overhaul ahead of its permanent move to Barcelona in April 2015, from which point onwards it will homeport in the Catalan city for the entire year. Once this happens, it is likely that the UK will be seeing plenty more of the impressive ship in the following seasons.

The ship, which has won a number of travel and passengers’ choice awards, boasts a total of 21 different dining options including its signature steakhouse, Japanese Teppanyaki, Brazilian Churrascaria and over 20 bars and lounges. Among the latter is the Svedka Inniskillin Ice Bar, the first ever ice bar at sea.

If you’re interested in booking passage on either of the Southampton cruises, it is important to look at your travel insurance. Before booking any holiday that is scheduled for some time in the future, you should ensure that you have a policy that provides some sort of cancellation cover, in the event that your circumstances drastically change in the interim period or an emergency arises before you are set to travel.