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25 Jul

Las Vegas is overspend capital of the world

A recent survey has unveiled the seemingly irresistible lure of Las Vegas, with the famous city being named as the overspend capital of the world.

Las Vegas is overspend capital of the world

Las Vegas is overspend capital of the world

It comes after a survey was carried out by, where just under 2,000 UK travellers over the age of 18 were quizzed on their holiday spending habits. While providers like Avanti can offer travel insurance for the over 80s at an outstanding price, it’s always important to decide on the maximum amount of money you will need for your trip to avoid any problems while abroad.

The results were staggering, with 57 per cent of those asked admitting to flashing the cash too much while abroad. There were a variety of reasons that attributed to the levels of overspend, with 55 per cent saying that they had simply been caught up in the excitement of being on holiday, and not budgeting for your trip properly was the reason for 33 per cent of those asked.

They were also asked in which destinations they were most likely to part with the most cash, with Las Vegas taking the top spot behind Paris and New York. With the endless excess of casinos, live shows and other superb entertainment options found in Las Vegas, it’s easy to see why so many people spend more than they initially budgeted for.

Many suffer hefty bank charges

The survey also highlighted the efforts that many go to in order to generate extra funds while away, with 45 per cent of those asked willing to draw out more money from cash machines, despite the fact that bank charges will occur. Putting extra purchases on your credit card was the choice for 32 per cent, while a further 20 per cent called upon help from family and friends.

It shows the importance of planning your holiday in good time; from taking out a medical travel insurance package to sorting the amount of currency you will need for your trip, these are all aspects that can help you enjoy a worry-free holiday.

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