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5 Feb

Ignore These Travel Myths and Open Your Mind!

You can travel!Travel Myth Busting!

Overview: Don’t let travel myths put you off seeing the world! We bust the top three fallacies that could be preventing you from having the trip of a lifetime.

It’s not safe. It’s too expensive. It’s not authentic. It’s too far away. We’ve all heard these sorts of comments about travel, which can frequently make people think twice before booking a trip abroad. However, all too often these comments are completely unfounded. In this post we bust the top three myths that could be stopping you from booking the trip of a lifetime!

It’s Too Expensive

Yes, travel can be expensive. However, it’s never been easier to travel on a budget. If you’re smart then you can enjoy even the most exotic of locations on a shoestring. Research is key here, and thanks to the internet this is easy. Accommodation can account for a huge chunk of your holiday budget, so consider using sites such as AirBnB. This website allows ordinary people to rent their homes out to travellers, meaning that prices are far more affordable than hotels. You can find a really interesting range of unique properties in very central locations.

Review websites such as TripAdvisor can also be used to find affordable hotels and restaurants. It is worth researching restaurants in advance, and TripAdvisor allows you to filter by location and price. Sometimes the best rated restaurants will be some of the cheapest ones too, especially now that rustic home-cooked style food is becoming gourmet. Book in advance if necessary. The more planning and research you do, the less likely you are to pay excessive prices for mediocre food.

It’s Not Authentic

Sometimes experienced travellers will turn their nose up at the prospect of a group trip, package holiday or organised tour. ‘It’s not authentic’, they say! It’s true that these sorts of trips tend to stick to the beaten track, but this isn’t a reason to write them off. Group travel, for example, is becoming ever more sophisticated. Volunteerism and ecotravel are increasingly popular, and very many trips take groups to interesting and remote locations far from the well-trod tourist trail.

Package holidays are also extremely affordable, meaning that you can get very cheap deals on flights and hotels. This doesn’t mean that you can’t explore a location once you arrive! Make sure you do your research and buy a good guide book – this means you can go off and have your own adventures, rather than travelling around with a group.

It’s Too Far Away

Sometimes distance puts people off travelling. They think they don’t have enough time, or will suffer from jetlag, or perhaps a long haul flight just doesn’t appeal. This frame of mind can prevent you from seeing the world!

Long haul flights are a lot more comfortable than they used to be, with gourmet food and sophisticated in-flight entertainment. You can also take the opportunity to break your flight up with a stop-over in an interesting city. Jet lag can also be managed, as rest, food and drink can all influence the extent to which this impacts you. If you’re a workaholic, perhaps you struggle to make time for relaxation. This is all the more reason to travel! Everyone needs a rest, and it’s important to take time to relax. Even a short trip can make a huge difference to your productivity and peace of mind.

So don’t be put off boarding that plane – there’s really no excuse! But wherever you go, don’t forget to purchase travel insurance.