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20 Nov

Explore Africa – Nile River Cruises

River Nile Amazing Nile Cruises: What You Need To Know

Heading To Africa? Make sure you add one of these spectacular cruises to your holiday inventory

The Nile is one of the great wonders of the world. It is understood to be the longest river in the world, stretching from Burundi, south of the equator all the way through Egypt to the Mediterranean sea. In total, the river winds its way through ten African countries and is 4132 miles long.

A trip on the Nile is on many people’s bucket list. And with good reason too. The outstanding beauty and wildlife on offer is like nothing else on earth.

But before you book your perfect trip, make sure you take into account these important points.


Booking your holiday is exciting, but amid the chaos of choosing decent luggage and new holiday clothes, don’t forget to take care of practicalities as well.

Make sure you take photocopies of all your tickets and passports. Should you lose these, or worse they get stolen, having copies of your missing documents will make reordering and reapplying so much easier. Consider scanning your passport details and email these to yourself and a relative as another point of reference.


Another necessity is sorting out your cruise travel insurance. Make sure you choose a company which has a dedicated cruise insurance option. Smart cruise insurance options include the option to buy cover for emergency evening wear hire, unused excursions or for cabin confinement.

Government advice

For any travel into African countries, it’s a good idea to check the Government website for the latest restrictions on travel. You can find out about the safety of the country and make an informed decision about whether you want to continue your trip.


Hepatitis A vaccination is recommended for all travellers heading to Egypt. You should contact your doctor eight weeks before you travel to find out when you need your injections and if there are any other health concerns you need to address regarding your trip to Africa.

There have been some situations where patients have been grossly overcharged by local doctors. If you do need to pay a doctor to see you, check your receipt and change carefully. In any medical case, speak to your insurance provider in the first instance.

Top cruises

Now you’ve got the essentials out of the way, you can start to plan which type of cruise is right for you. Check out our top three:

Nile Adventure Cruise

If you’re into action and exploration, the Nile Adventure Cruise is for you. The seven-day tour starts in Cairo and ends in Luxor. See the Great Sphinx of Giza, the Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple. You even get a chance to experience a horse-drawn calesh and get time to speak to locals too.

Relaxing Break

If you’re looking for a relaxing time on your trip, you can’t go wrong with the five star MS Grand Sun. This beautiful ship boasts many attractive amenities for the well-catered for guest.

Soak up the rays on the sun deck, where you can enjoy cool drinks and snacks. Enjoy a massage or spa treatment and if you’re feeling lively, you can take part in several sports and leisure activities, including belly dancing! Finish off the night in the disco lounge bar or take it easy with a delicious meal in the restaurant.

Luxury Nile

Spending seven or more nights aboard a ship isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a spectacular Nile river cruise. Sanctuary Retreats allow you to book three or four night trips with or without hotel stays bolted on either end of your excursion. This is a smart way to extend your holiday, without spending any more time on water.

The recently refurbished luxury Nile Explorer offers teak flooring. Even the most standard rooms are fully air conditioned and are kitted out with a bathroom, hairdryer and most importantly, an amazing window to view the Nile. Definitely something to enjoy whilst you’re sipping on a glass of something bubbly.

A visit to Africa to explore the Nile is a real trip of a lifetime. Make sure you set aside plenty of time before your holiday to work out exactly what you want to see. Often, having no plans and soaking up the atmosphere can be just as rewarding as having a packed itinerary for the day. Just don’t forget to pack your camera!