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18 Mar

European cruise passenger numbers soar to record levels


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European cruise passenger numbers soar to record levels

When it comes to cruising, more people in Europe are seeing the attraction of hopping on a boat and going for a swift trip among the waves than ever, it seems, with record numbers of holidaymakers choosing it for their holiday in 2013.

That is according to Cruise Lines International Association Europe’s Pierfrancesco Vago, who says that last year’s numbers smashed the previous record, soaring to 6.357 million – an incredible achievement.

While it’s great that more people on the continent are choosing to travel between various locations without the hassle of repacking their bags all the time, Mr Vago chose to focus on the economic contribution provided by the sector.

“The impressive figures on the European cruise market 2013 released today clearly show the strong growth trend of an industry which already generates 327,000 jobs and €37.9 billion of economic benefits annually,” he said.

Mr Vago also commented on the potential future of the industry, saying: “The long term trend shows a continuing positive growth which proves the cruise industry’s resilience despite the economic downturn.”

While he admitted it has been a challenging landscape throughout the recession, he described the organisation as “optimistic” that the sector will continue to grow throughout 2014.

The UK remained the largest source market – responsible for 27 per cent of the continent’s cruise traffic.

Over the past five years, the annual average growth in Europe experienced by the sector has stood at 3.2 per cent, demonstrating the resilience of the industry. And things are certainly set to continue looking rosy with demand for cruises expected to grow by 7.1 per cent among European passengers over the next five years.

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