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15 Aug

Culinary Catalunya – Top Foodie Experiences in the Region

Fiercely independent and always unique, the region of Catalunya in Spain has a rich gastronomy that’s well worth discovering. Here are a few of the best culinary Catalunya experiences in the area…

Foodie Tours in Barcelona

Explore the Catalan capital through its food. This buzzing European city has a fantastic food scene, seamlessly blending tradition with modern flair (and everything in between).

Take a tapas tour of the old city to discover its busy markets and amazing hidden tapas bars. A market tour and cooking class can be a great way to learn a little bit more. Or, if you have a sweet tooth, there’s a chocolate tour of Barcelona you can take. Chocolate first came to this continent through the port at Barcelona, so there’s a pretty long tradition there! Indulge in everything from churros to artisanal truffles, and explore the sweet side of the city.

Explore the Wine Cathedrals

Never one to do things by halves, Catalunya has 24 so-called “Wine Cathedrals” (catedrales del vi). Not wine cellars, not wineries… wine cathedrals! These are enormous, modernist palaces for wine production which were built around the 1920’s.

One of the best examples can be found in the small town of Pinell de Brai. It was designed by the architect César Martinell in the style of the famous Catalan architect Anton Gaudí. Inside, you can tour the stunning building – all enormous ceilings and arched windows – and enjoy a tasting of locally produced wine.

Visit an Olive Farm

Most people think of Italy when they think of olive oil. But Catalunya is a huge oil producer and has plenty of farms creating exceptional quality extra virgin olive oils. Olive oil tourism is a great way to get out into the countryside of the region and learn a little bit more about the industry.

Oli de Ventalló, outside of Girona, is a great little farm to visit. It’s a small, family-run olive mill with pretty groves and some delicious oils to try. Over in the el Bages region of Catalunya there’s Oli Migjorn, another family run farm, while the tiny boutique mill Identitat is worth visiting for its incredible views alone – although the oils aren’t bad either!

Stay at a Gastronomic Hotel

Catalunya has an amazing list of Gastronomic Hotels; a careful selection of boutique hotels that place a special emphasis on high quality local cuisine. All the hotels have less than sixty rooms, making them nice and intimate, and have been chosen specifically for their restaurants.

Menus are filled with traditional Catalan cuisine, or with creative dishes inspired by tradition. Ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible, and a passion for Catalunya is at the heart of everything. These hotels are the perfect place to get a real insight into the region’s incredible gastronomy.

Has this given you an idea for your next foodie adventure? Don’t forget to book your travel insurance before you set off to enjoy the gastronomic delights.