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7 Feb

Brits reveal pet holiday hates


Brits reveal pet holiday hates

Brits reveal pet holiday hates

We like everything to be absolutely perfect when we go on holiday, so it’s little wonder that there appears to be a universal list of small niggly aspects that annoy us when we’re on a break.

Research compiled by Thistle Hotels revealed today (February 7th) that traditional annoyances such as rude hotel staff are continuing to rankle British travellers, although the study revealed a more unusual trend as well.

More than a third (38 per cent) of participants in the survey said that paying for Wi-Fi was their top holiday hate, with our ever-increasing reliance on smart phones, tablets and devices continuing to dominate us even while we’re out of the country.

A lack of time away from the internet is not the only worrying statistic – shockingly, the study revealed one in 20 participants would rather spend time online than with their partner.

More than half (51 per cent) even stated that fast, free and reliable Wi-Fi was the most important aspect for them when it came to booking accommodation, above having a swimming pool and being close to local attractions.

Mike DeNoma of Thistle commented: “It’s crazy to think that in 2014 hotel chains are still charging up to £20 a day for Wi-Fi.Our research shows that free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi is very important to holidaymakers … no registrations, no limitations and no fine print.”

Other accommodation-related pet peeves uncovered in the 2,000-person poll included a lack of manners among hotel staff (69 per cent), rooms not being ready on arrival (45 per cent), a limited buffet and menu selection (37 per cent) and not being as close to holiday attractions as advertised (32 per cent).