The Blue Lagoon, Iceland - Luxurious, Healthy Relaxation

Blue Lagoon, Iceland health benefits
10 Nov

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland – Luxurious, Healthy Relaxation

Iceland is a spectacular land of many highlights, during our recent travels we stopped over for 3 nights on our way home from travelling through Canada and the USA. We quickly realised we were definitely going to have to head back soon, it was nowhere near enough time to really discover this amazing country. However we scratched the surface and had an amazing time and saw some incredible sights.

One of Iceland’s best known and most popular attractions is the Blue Lagoon. We visited the night before we were due to fly home, after a busy month packing in as much as we could during our travels it was the perfect way to wind down and relax. The whole site, although quite busy, has an air of serenity to it and almost forces you to relax!

Blue Lagoon, Iceland health benefits

The Blue Lagoon is not a natural feature, it was created due to the operation of a power plant where holes were drilled in the ground harnessing the power of geothermal activity to produce electricity and hot water. The water originates 2000 metres below the ground where seawater and freshwater combine at very high temperatures and then filter through to the surface picking up silica and other minerals on the way. When it reaches the surface, the temperature is generally between 37°C and 40°C, a perfect temperature, you really do feel your muscles loosening and relaxing.

In the Spa building there is a cafe and bar, restaurant, and a large changing room area.  When you head out to the lagoon it’s pure magic. The lava field landscape filled with the blue water, it’s beautiful. In winter snow surrounds the water, the silica also takes the form of a white mud which clings to the lava rock adding to the beauty. There is a swim up bar selling alcoholic and soft drinks, a sauna, a man made waterfall, and a huge feeling of relaxation and comfort, it feels so luxurious!

Blue Lagoon, Iceland health benefits

It was 1976-1981 when people began bathing in the Blue Lagoon and began to notice that it had a really positive effect on the skin. The silica in the geothermal water takes the form of a white mud and can be applied as a face mask as well as on the body and has great anti-ageing and healing properties. There is also the presence of algae in the water and an algae face mask is available which helps to rejuvenate and nourish the skin. Both of these applications have been scientifically proven to have a positive effect and are available at the Silica bar which you can swim up to.

The positive effects on the skin are so great that in 2005 a clinic was opened specialising in the treatment of psoriasis. Treatments including the application of the silica mud, UV therapy, and bathing in a private lagoon have had excellent proven results and people have been treated here from all over the world. Introductory treatment, treatment days and longer periods of treatment can be organised at the Blue Lagoon.

My fiancée and I loved every minute of our visit here, we planned our visit to take us into the hours of darkness when the lagoon is partially lit up, a lovely experience. I would also really recommend visiting after or before your flight as it is such a perfect way of relaxing and I left with a great feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Visits to the Blue Lagoon in winter start at 40 Euros, 50 Euros during the summer months. Pre-booking is essential and there is usually a queue to enter due to the popularity so arrive early, prior to your booking time. The Blue Lagoon is about 50 minutes by coach from Reykjavik, there are regular well organised coaches from the city with many different pick up locations, most of the major hotels are covered.

Are you now interested in visiting Iceland and the Blue Lagoon? Don’t forget to book your travel insurance before you leave!

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