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9 Jan

Airline innovations commended

Airline innovations commended

Airline innovations commended

Airlines might not get much positive press regarding their customer service, but a new top ten has set out to commend those that worked hard last year to develop innovations that improve the passenger experience.

According to, its Best Airline Product and Service Innovations of 2013 awards are designed to recognise those airlines that have responded best to technological, social and economical changes in the past year.

“Many of the examples on our list contain a major digital component, as the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets … the possibility to be connected anywhere and anytime, and the self-service mindset of connected travellers, has created a huge momentum for airlines to come up with innovative products and services,” the website explained.

Topping the list is a joint innovation, with numerous carriers making strides in the field of downloadable in-flight entertainment (IFE) content. Among them is Air France, which in May 2013 launched its AF Press app that enables passengers to download their favourite publications before departure to read during their trip.

While in-flight entertainment is normally popular, airline food often leaves a lot to be desired, so second place was given to airBaltic for its customisable menus. Passengers can now log-on before their travel and drag and drop their desired snacks onto a digital meal tray, choosing from 70 options.

British Airways merited third on the list thanks to its work to develop digital luggage tag technology that eradicates the need to print out new paper ones each time you fly. Passengers using the technology simply hold their smartphone over the tag after they have checked-in to update the details stored on the device.

Fourth place went to Norwegian for its Android-based in-seat IFE system; fifth place to Delta for supplying its cabin crew with smartphones to use as a next-generation onboard service and point-of-sale device; and sixth to Air Canada for teaming up with Disney to improve customer service.

Visit to check out the rest of the best innovations.