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11 Oct

Winter Sun

winter-sunAs the evenings close in, the weather becomes dreary and mornings are frosty and dull, the idea of some winter sunshine becomes very tempting… So for you sun seekers out there, take a look at our featured destinations to bring some warmth to your winter this year.

Cape Verde

Situated 500km from the coast of Senegal, the 10 main volcanic islands that make up Cape Verde are somewhat of a well-kept secret paradise. Having been spared the typical built up areas that become tourist hotspots; Cape Verde so far remains in a state of natural beauty for the most part. Formerly a Portuguese colony, the islands have become an interesting mix of both African and Portuguese culture with year round sunshine.

Home to some breath taking sea life and colourful reefs, there’s plenty to see from above the crystal blue waters by boat as well as under it if you fancy a snorkelling excursion. The SOS sanctuary for the endangered loggerhead turtle is a particular highlight to learn more about these wonderful creatures and a chance to see new-borns released into the sea. A ferry will take you between the islands for your opportunity to discover what Cape Verde has to offer in its entirety.

The larger island of Sal is in the top 5 windsurfing locations in the world, attracting many sports fanatics who put on quite a show along the stretch of white sandy beaches for anyone relaxing in the sun. A range of accommodation choices, as well as restaurants, bars and shops are spread throughout Cape Verde, with live music and evening entertainment.

Getting there
There are 2 airports in Cape Verde; Praia and Rabil International Airport with a flight time from the UK of around 6 hours.


Visit a place that does it bigger, higher, larger, taller and faster than anywhere else! With mind boggling skyscrapers, fountains, hotels and the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai is a location like no other, and definitely one to be discovered.

Dubai forms part of the United Arab Emirates and has the largest immigrant population in the world. This varied mix of cultures combined with old and futuristic infrastructure has resulted in an array of interesting communities, restaurants, buildings and history to be found throughout the desert city.

The area of Jumeirah is home to many Western expatriate workers and a popular exclusive destination for European tourists due to its close location to beautiful beaches and an array of luxury holiday accommodation. The world renowned Burj Al Arab hotel, now an iconic symbol of Dubai, is situated just offshore of Jumeirah.

For all your entertainment needs, day and night, there is no better place than the Dubai Marina. This man-made marina of nearly 4km long is the largest in the world and home to an array of water sports clubs, luxury spa facilities, high quality restaurants, and so much more!

Enjoying temperatures throughout the autumn and winter months of anywhere from 25 to 35 degrees, Dubai is truly a treat to get all your senses racing and your mind wondering at the marvels of this futuristic city state.

Getting there
Dubai International Airport handles much of the passenger intake and cheap flights can be found from many UK locations such as Manchester, Heathrow and Gatwick.

Dominican Republic

Think sun, think white sandy beaches and blue sparkling seas, think the Caribbean!

For a winter escape that truly has something for every taste, The Dominican Republic could be your perfect getaway. From bright vibrant Latin style towns to long secluded sandy beaches to dense green rainforest; there’s so much to discover.

Los Haitises National Park stretches across 1600km² on the North East of the island and boasts everything from Taino Indian cave drawings to untouched secret sandy bays to an abundance of wildlife, including humpback whale watching from January to mid-March.

For the adventure seekers among you, the region of Jarabacoa is home to mountain ranges known as the ‘Dominican Alps’ and has a diversity of activities in the sun. Take a laid back horse ride or mountain biking trip through the pine tree forests, or for that extra bit of adrenaline give white water rafting a go with a choice of 3 fast flowing rivers.

Getting there
Many airlines service the Dominican Republic, with the largest airport being Aeropuerto Internacional Las Américas in Santo Domingo, as well as many passengers also arrive at Aero Puerto Internacional Punta Cana.

Avanti Travel Insurance can cover you on worldwide trips, specialising in policies with pre-existing medical conditions for customers over 50. So get your fill of winter sun with the peace of mind that Avanti has you covered.

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