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Vietnam coast
30 Jun

5 Reasons To Visit Vietnam In 2016

Highlights Of A Trip To Vietnam

Visit Vietnam in 2016 to enjoy an intriguing mix of North vs South, spectacular scenery, picturesque paddy fields and beautiful beaches.

Forty years have passed since the end of the war in Vietnam and Western travellers have a renewed interest in visiting this fascinating and beautiful country once again. Whilst signs of the vicious civil war remain, the Vietnamese people have also sprung forth with an entrepreneurial spirit that makes their country an intriguing place to visit in 2016.

Here are five reasons why you should visit Vietnam this year.

Spectacular Landscape

Luxurious hotels, restaurants and shopping centres spring up, but they don’t overwhelm the breath-taking scenery that makes up the heart of Vietnam.

The Mekong Delta is full of paddy fields, orchards and swamplands. You might commonly see locals riding on water buffalos or working in the rice fields. Whilst there are towns in the region, they are not often visited by tourists, so those that do stop by will get to experience a glimpse of traditional Vietnamese living rather than a Westernised version of their culture. Sa Dec boasts attractive river scenes and colourful flower nurseries, whilst My Tho and Vinh Long are the perfect base from which to take a boat trip.

Ho Chi Minh

It’s impossible to visit Vietnam without taking in the two cities of the North and South. The latter is home to Ho Chi Minh, which was formerly known as Saigon and was the base for the Americans during the war. Today, Ho Chi Minh is a thriving and prosperous city which includes dozens of glitzy bars, hotels and restaurants. Unfortunately, the downside of this is that poverty also exists and thieves operate throughout the area. Always remember to take out worldwide travel insurance before your trip to stay protected.

A visit to the city is not complete without a look at historical sights such as the Reunification Palace or the War Remnants Museum. Looking further back, there are remains of the 17th century French rule such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Hotel de Ville.


Heading north and visitors will love the comparison between the southern city and the country’s administrative capital of Hanoi in the north. This city is an enthralling place to visit in 2016 as it is very much in a state of flux. Hanoi enjoys a particularly romantic feel with its colonial buildings, pagodas and temples to the north of the city. Yet it is also becoming more sophisticated as there is a certain boom in restaurants and hotels which have appeared over the city’s landscape.  Visitors will simply love experiencing the contrast of old and new in Hanoi.

The Beaches

Many who are considering a beach holiday in South-East Asia tend to overlook the beautiful white beaches of Vietnam. In particular the Con Dao Islands off the south coast of the country which offer secluded beaches, untouched natural beauty and the opportunity to spot sea turtles.

The Climate

The temperature in Vietnam is not consistent throughout the country, as it varies significantly by latitude and longitude, it will still usually be warmer than the weather in the UK throughout the year. The cool and dry season in the north runs from October to March but you might still expect to enjoy temperatures of 25-27C in the autumn. The south offers more consistently high temperatures of 26-30C all year round, although visitors are likely to experience downpours between May and August.

If you’d like to visit this captivating country, then it’s not too late to plan a trip for 2016. Book your holiday to Vietnam today!

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