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4 Jul

44% of Northern Irish tourists don’t get insurance

A new survey has unveiled the staggering numbers of tourists from Northern Ireland that don’t take out travel insurance, with almost half putting themselves at huge financial risk.

According to research by the Consumer Council, it found that 44 per cent of all holidaymakers form the country chose not to take out travel insurance over the last five years. People chose not to take out the necessary cover either because they didn’t see the point in it, or believed that it was only necessary for particular trips. Of the 56 per cent which did get cover, the main reason was for protection against medical expenses.

44% of Northern Irish tourists don’t get insurance

44% of Northern Irish tourists don’t get insurance

It is an alarming figure, especially considering the number of situations which single trip or annual multi trip travel insurance policies can offer cover for. With many now available at fantastic prices, it really is a small price to pay for protection against medical bills or sudden changes in your travel itinerary.

Those not paying put at considerable risk

Scott Kennerly, of the Consumer Council, expressed concern about the level of people not taking out travel insurance, stating that cancelled flights, lost baggage, theft, illness and bankruptcy of a tour operator are all things which those without travel insurance would not be protected from.

Among the biggest financial costs which can be incurred while on holiday are down to injuries – those suffering from acute appendicitis while in America could be forced to pay as much as £22,000. Another example is if you are unfortunate enough to break your hip in Spain, with the costs rising to as much as £19,000.

It shows the importance of booking the right medical travel insurance cover prior to your trip, ensuring that you are protected against any circumstances which may arise while you are out of the country.

Image Credit: Jelena Aloskina (Shutterstock.com)

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